Excellence in Construction Awards

We know our customers lead the industry, and we are honoring those of you who are truly pushing the boundaries of efficiency, safety, development of people, technology, and more with our Excellence in Construction Awards. Nominees and winners are recognized each year at UGM.

The Awards Process

Think your company can win the award in 2024? Here’s what that process will look like:

  • Starting June 1, 2023, we’ll open up submissions.
    • Submissions must include an essay of up to 1,000 words describing why and how your company goes above and beyond. Be specific!
  • HCSS will choose the top 3 finalists. HCSS will travel to the finalists’ headquarters and conduct interviews about why they should win. 
    • We'll conduct interviews in September and October 2023.
    • Finalists will receive 1 free ticket to UGM.
  • The winner will be featured on our website and circulated on other construction-related publications. They'll also receive a trophy, boasting rights, glory, and more.

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There's still time to improve...

If you're having trouble thinking of compelling stories or data on why your company should win, talk to Customer Success! They can help you improve your performance so you're better prepared when submissions open on June 1.